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  • Electric Kingdom

    lectric Kingdom is a behind the scenes look at the first Formula E race in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, famous as being the world’s largest producer of oil, played host to an electric car race to make a statement. Sustainability is a core focus of the nation’s 2030 vision and E...

  • Into The Green

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invited the top golf pros in the world to play a series of historic tournaments to help promote sports and tourism. It wasn't that long ago that golf was being played in the sand in Saudi, now they have turned the desert into beautiful a world class course at the Roya...

  • Fear Us Women

    Fear Us Women is the story of a Canadian civilian, Hanna Bohman, who spent three years as a volunteer battling ISIS and liberating women in Syria. Motivated to fight, Hanna joins an all-female Kurdish army, the YPJ, which embraces the ISIS belief that militants killed by women go to Hell. The fil...

  • Egypt: After The Revolution

    Director: Marty Stalker
    This film takes the pulse of the protest movement that began in Tahrir Square, but began to languish under the gargantuan task of reforming a government rife with Mubarak loyalists.