Narrative Films

  • Margelle

    In Boujaâd, a Moroccan town where ancient myths and legends are rife, seven-year-old Karim, the only son of his modest parents struggles with his childhood fears and his urgent desire to be a man.

  • Checkpoint

    A young Palestinian boy living in the Gaza strip accompanies his father on monthly visits to the ruins of a destroyed village. Though he doesn’t understand his father's ritual, he feels he has a duty to help him.

    A short Film written by Lola Bessis & Ruben Amar, directed by Ruben Amar

  • The President's Visit

    When a small coastal town of fishermen learns about the secret visit of the President of the Republic to its local soap shop, they embark in an everlasting struggle at cleaning up and maintaining the perfect image of their town.

  • Man is Hunter

    Seventeen-year-old Rami deals with the same nightmare every night: he kills an unknown man with a dark silhouette. To finally get rid of these dark dreams, he decides to give up on sleeping.